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A lubrication system for cranes in harsh weather

A large crane manufacturer based in Finland serves a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, ship yards, ports and terminals. They have been using Graco’s Trabon automatic lubrication systems for over 20 years, but more recently started using it for a STS container crane.

Avoid pumping & metering changes

These STS container cranes are used in shipping ports and are subject to ongoing exposure to harsh outdoor weather conditions in varying temperatures, winds and are typically located on the coast. It is important to have the correct delivery line sizes and feed pump, because grease pumping and metering capabilities can vary depending on weather and temperatures.

The local Graco distributor, Lubritec, provided the crane manufacturer with a Graco-Trabon LubeMaster, a multi-pump series progressive system, complimented with MSP and MXP divider valves in their respective master and secondary configurations. The system includes five LubeMaster pumps per crane; two are mounted at the bottom of the crane, one on either side. Two additional pumps are mounted on top of the crane with one on each side, and another mounted on the top in the control room. Each pump feeds a series of divider blocks which feed the grease to the point of application. The system utilizes MSP master and secondary divider blocks on the upper part of the crane and MXP divider master and secondary valves on the bottom part of the crane.

Up to 300 grease points per crane

Per crane, there are up to a total of 300 grease points. Over 100 installations on various crane models have been completed, lubricating bearings and surfaces to keep the cranes working at all costs, despite extreme conditions.

Konecranes Finland Corporation, part of G2VBAL Konecranes Plc. used these products:

  • product detail

    Oil & grease

    Divider Valves
    • Wide range
    • Unmatched small footprint
    • Our MSP blocks can be used for more accurate lube designs
    • Also available in stainless steel and high corrosion protection
    Used in: Wind Energy / On Road / Off Road (mining, construction, agriculture) / Marine / General Industries / Food & Beverage

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