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Heavy Duty Workshop with Matrix - Fireball Pumps and XD hosereels


For their installation, Mantrac Ghana requested high flow Graco equipment to keep the dispensing times to a minimum in a quest for increased operational effectiveness. Mantrac Ghana also wanted to have an installed system which allowed them to better control and manage their oil and anti-freeze inventories, add accountability to the use of these fluids and reduce costly shrinkage.



The fluid dispensing and management system installed at Mantrac Ghana includes the Graco Fireball 425 3:1 pneumatic pumps and Graco XD hose reels. These were specified due to the high filling rates required for 4 oil grades: hydraulic oil, gear oil, 2 x engine oils & coolant. The new MatrixTM 3 fluid management system was also installed in conjunction with the system.


Due to the successful installation and subsequent great performance of the Matrix fluid management system, Mantrac will now additionally increase the scope of their Matrix 3 system. This will be achieved by adding 4 more dispense points to a current skid-mounted maintenance unit located in an attached building area and which is approximately 100 meters away from the current installation. The same Matrix 3 transceiver will be used for the addition, while 4 additional Matrix ®meters, PACs and TLMs will be installed into the skid-mounted oil dispensing system.

Mr Stephen Phyffer, Service Engineer of Mantrac Ghana, was impressed with the ease of installation & software setup, coupled with the functionality of being able to accurately measure the usage of each type of oil & coolant dispensed by each mechanic/technician.

Mr. Stephen advises “Excellent system and easy to use. Installation not difficult as well and everything are properly explain in the brochures. We are running the system close to 2 months now and we can see a reduction in our lube issuing comparing to the old system that we had used before. This system will pay itself, depending of the size of the business, in one year. I would recommend this system to every business man who wants to save on his lube bill.”


Mantrac (Caterpillar dealership) used these products:

  • product detail

    Standard Duty

    • Designed to move medium volume amounts of oil and grease.
    • High quality, corrosion-resistant design
    • Up to 10 year warranty
    Used in: Vehicle Service Workshops / Industrial Workshops / Mobile Workshops / Heavy Equipment Workshops (mining, construction, agriculture)
  • product detail

    Heavy Duty

    XD 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50
    • Designed for robust, heavy-duty applications
    • Handles hose lengths up to 46m
    • 7 year warranty
    Used in: Industrial Workshops / Mobile Workshops / Heavy Equipment Workshops (mining, construction, agriculture)
  • product detail

    Fluid Management System

    • For oil, lubricants and anti-freeze
    • Wireless and modular design for quick and easy installation
    • Gain better inventory accuracy by capturing every dispense and controlling access to fluids
    • Allows you to record dispense data and repair orders directly from the meter
    • Integrates with your Dealer Management System for improved process control
    • Improves shop productivity by automatically e-mailing fluid suppliers for replenishment
    • Modular system allows you to easily add additional service bays
    • 5 year warranty
    • www.graco.com/pulse
    Used in: Vehicle Service Workshops / Industrial Workshops / Heavy Equipment Workshops (mining, construction, agriculture)

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